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Seveso (MB)

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Hard rock, Rock and roll, Melodic metal, Heavy metal

Secondchance (Band)

Seveso (MB)
Fabio Spinelli (27)Meda (Monza e della Brianza)
Phaser Studios (26)Bovisio-Masciago (Monza e della Brianza)
Paola Bitterpill (38)Milano (Milano)
Giuseppe Rosa (43)Scordia (Catania)
Societa' Discografica (52)Milano (Milano)
Tiziano Pellegrino (36)Firenze (Firenze)
Luigi borriello (49)Milano (Milano)

SECONDCHANCE it’s a simple project born as “In Friends We Trust” in 2011 essentially between 5 friends that have always shared their life together. We are Jacopo, Fabio, Mauro, Matteo and Alessandro and we’ve known each other almost 18 years ago. Everyone of us listen to lots of different genre of music from blues to metal, from pop to rock and we’ve synthesized our styles in something that is near to modern hard rock. 2 years ago we started playing together for some village festival and then in some live bar near our village. In 2012 we are proud to say that we’ve started to write our own songs and to promote them. In 2013 in prevision of something official we decided to change name. After lot of live shows around Lombardia (Alcatraz, Woodstock, Legend Club, SpazioA, Rock n Roll) we are concerned in the writing of new stuff for the recording of our EP at the end of summer 2013.


Fabio Spinelli (27)Monza e della Brianza

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