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MYR (Band)

Roma (RM)
Ruben Ramirez (34)Civitavecchia (Roma)
Timba Music Factory (32)Roma (Roma)
Tiziano Pellegrino (37)Firenze (Firenze)
davide mastrullo (53)Roma (Roma)
bob piovra (55)Roma (Roma)

The project MYR was born with the intent of telling our time, through a dark and faceted musical language which paints the nuanced and devious atmosphere of a great metropolis. A metropolis divided between the antiquity of its origins of the unstoppable force of technology, driven by complex social and personal problems.
MYR reflects on the role of communication and the difficulty of relationships, re-thinking the functioning of human memory in the digital age.
The instrumental technique aims to serve the atmosphere, the idea, ‘cause one of the objectives of MYR is to establish a dialogue with other arts and search for different ways of expression.

The symbol myr was formerly used in English-language geology, and remains as the standard usage in astronomy, as a unit of one million years. It is an abbreviation for 'million years'.
Music is the art of time. We have chosen this moniker because time is a value, the 'place' where music comes to life.


Ruben Ramirez (34)Roma

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