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Artisti di riferimento: Mortiis, Pazuzu, Thangorodrim, Burzum, Basil Poledouris, Jim Kirkwood, Wongraven

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Black metal, Musica folk, Ambient, Nature songs

Sidereal Fortress (Band)

Firenze (FI)
Bucholika Project (39)Firenze (Firenze)


Ruins EP YouTube

Sidereal Fortress is a Dungeon Synth / Dark Ambient studio project, with a "soundtrack" attitude. Check out our digital discography on our official Bandcamp page:

- Ruins (EP , 2017)
- A Winter Regufe (single, 2017)
- Morning Star (single, 2018)
- The Forgotten Tomb Of Yshnak (full lenght, 2018) *
- When The World Was Young (single, from the "Dawn of the Dungeoneers Vol.1" compilation) **
- Escape (EP, 2018)
* (HDK Records)
** (DungeonIt collective)


Ruins EP YouTube


Bucholika Project (39)Firenze

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