Evershed (Band)

Camponogara (VE)

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Evershed (Band)

Camponogara (VE)
Zeno Gastaldi (40)Camponogara (Venezia)
Stefano Franceschin (45)Campagna Lupia (Venezia) Bass
Mattia Menegazzo (39)Camponogara (Venezia) Voce, Chitarra
Titti La Chance (54)Treviglio (Bergamo)
Stefano Lupicano (36)Venezia (Venezia)
Tiziano Pellegrino (37)Firenze (Firenze)
Zeno Gastaldi (40)Camponogara (Venezia)
Mattia Menegazzo (39)Camponogara (Venezia)
Harvin Zanon (33)Venezia (Venezia)

Evershed is a rock band rising up from Venice, Italy.
Just like a supernova, in the last months of 2012 a nine years old star burns bright and loud, and then explodes in space, causing a burst of radiation all around. This event expels an immense part of the previous star's material, giving life to a new, brighter and stronger star.
This is how we were born. This is the origin of Evershed.

The Evershed effect, named after the British astronomer John Evershed, is the radial flow of gas across the photospheric surface of the penumbra of sunspots from the inner border with the umbra towards the outer edge.


Zeno Gastaldi (40)Venezia
Stefano Franceschin (45)BassVenezia
Mattia Menegazzo (39)Voce, ChitarraVenezia

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