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COURT (Band)

Varese (VA)
jacopo favrin (35)Gallarate (Varese)
Tiziano Pellegrino (35)Firenze (Firenze)

COURT is a band born in 1990.
The first album "and you'll follow the winds'rush 'till their breath dwells" was recorded in 1993 in Leonberg (Germany) and the second, Distances", in 1995 in Germany too, both with the label "WMMS music is intelligence".
After some line-up changes in 2000 Marco Strobel joined the project with his guitars and the band started to record a new album in "La sauna" studio with the precious aid of Andrea Cajelli in the garments of sound engineer and artistic producer togheter with Marco Sessa. For some personal problems, the mixing was never completed for some year but finally resumed in January 2005.
The album FROST OF WATERMELON , produced by Court , came out in 2007.

Then COURT start recording the new album TWENTY FLYING KINGS , available from this MAY


jacopo favrin (35)Varese

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