The Headfunkers (Band)

Milano (MI)
The Headfunkers

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Artisti di riferimento: Weather Report, James Taylor Quartet, Down To The Bone, Roy Ayers, Jaco Pastorius

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Funk, Acid jazz, Jazz funk, Jazz fusion, Ambient

The Headfunkers (Band)

Milano (MI)
Luca Lindemann (53)Milano (Milano)

The Headfunkers are born in the middle of 2010 after the historical founders of the deceased Chickenfunk, Gianluca DiNoia (Keyboards) and Luca Lindemann (Bass), decide to cross again their musical paths. After a long research lasting 6 months, the group finally takes shape finding in the trio formation its own best set-up with Andrea Maltese on drums.
The Headfunkers ideally resume and continue the path of Chickenfunk, playing a genre in a balance between Jazz and 70s Funk, still re-proposing great classics rearranged in a personal way and some original tracks.


Luca Lindemann (53)Milano

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