Les Reveres (Band)

Seveso (MB)
Les Reveres

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Rhytm & Blues, Blues Rock, Garage rock, Hard rock, Punk rock, Rock and roll, Rock psichedelico, Rock anni 60, Grunge, Rock anni 70, Rock anni 90, Stoner metal

Les Reveres (Band)

Seveso (MB)
Giovanni Castoldi (42)Cantù (Como)
Phaser Studios (26)Bovisio-Masciago (Monza e della Brianza)
Tiziano Pellegrino (36)Firenze (Firenze)
Giammarco Soncin (46)Cadorago (Como)

We are proud owners of an italian restaurant. Some years ago, we began to play together, we had some songs. We played gigs around Italy, looking for a record label in this country of musical morons. We've found and lost people. We wanna listen to your music; we know ours. Available Now "Black Bossa EP" 8 Tracks self-produced for info contact us. Radio & broadcast managers, feel free, to download the songs on our site: www.LesReveres.com and play it. The only rule is: Let us know if you do it. Thanks.
R.I.P. 22/04/06. 25/05/06 Les Reveres isn't a band anymore, we wanna sincerely thank everybody who supported us and enjoyed our music. Thank You so much. Listen our last song on our blog. Giovanni now plays here: http://www.heroesofthebeach.eu Clemente, Gianluca and Alessandro play here: http://www.myspace.com/thefulltreble


Giovanni Castoldi (42)Como

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